Industry-Leading 99 CRI

Industry-Leading 99 CRI

The Brand New MediaLight Pro
D65 CRI 99 Ra Bias Light that's powered by USB

Which MediaLight is right for me?
This one goes all the way up to 99 Ra

This one goes all the way up to 99 Ra

The MediaLight was developed by Scenic Labs, the publishers of home theatre optimisation tools such as DVE and Spears & Munsil Benchmark. We realised that nobody was making a decent bias light that was affordable and that offered the high CRI and accurate CCT (correlated colour temperature) needed by professional colourists and high-end home theatre hobbyists.  

Thanks to our knowledgeable and dedicated beta testers, we continue to improve each generation of the MediaLight.  3 years ago, we offered the first professional-grade LED bias light system, and we've taken it to new heights with our industry-leading 99 CRI MediaLight Pro.  

Which MediaLight is right for me?

Everything that you need is in the box.

It was important to us to make The MediaLight as accurate as possible for professionals while being easy enough for home consumers to install on their TV’s.

You don’t need any tools. There is nothing to solder, no wires to cut and there is nothing more to buy.
  • High CRI and Super-High CRI light strips (95-99 Ra, depending on the model)
  • USB AC Adapter (runs off of the USB port on your display or TV). Eclipse includes a 4ft USB extension
  • 5V infrared PWM dimmer, compatible with universal remote controllers, IR bridges and blasters 
  • Infrared Remote control (compatible with universal remotes like Harmony) for all but the Eclipse computer monitor model, which includes an in-line dimmer

Which MediaLight is right for me?

Everything that you need is in the box.
Unparalleled accuracy,Five year warranty.

Unparalleled accuracy,
Five year warranty.

Every MediaLight product, from our inexpensive CRI 95 Ra MediaLight Eclipse to our CRI 99 Ra MediaLight Pro, is covered by the same industry-leading 5-year limited warranty.

We make buying a MediaLight Bias Lighting System as easy as installing one.

Which MediaLight is right for me?

"MediaLight will be the best cost-to-benefit cash you have ever spent
on your LCD or OLED based home theater. Seriously. Order now."

Brian Florian, Secrets of Home Theater And High Fidelity
Reference Quality

Reference Quality

Our bias lights are custom built to exacting specifications with SMD light emitting diodes of the highest quality and accuracy.

The following features apply to all MediaLight brand Bias Lighting:

•6500K Correlated Colour Temperature
•CRI of up to 99 Ra
•5V USB Powered (can be powered by any TV with a USB port)
•Included PWM dimmer (all but the Eclipse desktop model include a remote control)
•Peel and stick authentic 3M mounting adhesive
Integrated Design

Integrated Design

We wanted to create the best bias lights on earth.

We tried every LED-based bias lighting solution that we could get our hands on, but found that they all were extremely far off from the CIE D65 (6500K and CRI 90+) standard.

We tested hundreds of LED chips and consulted with leading imaging scientists to help us overcome technological and design hurdles. We added integrated dimming and a wireless remote control to have everything you need right in the box.
5 Year Limited Warranty

5 Year Limited Warranty warrants your MediaLight Bias Lighting System to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of original retail purchase from an Authorized Retailer.

Scenic Labs, LLC will at its option, either adjust, repair or replace the bias light, as necessary within a reasonable time after the bias light or defective component is returned during the warranty period.

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Casey Miller
‏ July 29
‏ This #MediaLight from @FSImonitors is rad!


Robbie Carman
‏ ‏
Jul 22 Herndon, VA
‏ Extremely happy with the #MediaLight LED bias light. less bulky and just as accurate as traditional pro bias lights.


Alright, due to popular demand, I have relegated the dreaded Zabiki lights to another room and installed the Flanders [MediaLight] lights on the back of my display.

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