Incredibly accurate. Ridiculously affordable.

MediaLight image courtesy of Honest Labor Color Grading.

Stop taking a stab in the dark.  The MediaLight is guaranteed to be 6500K with a CRI of between 95 (for the MediaLight One, Quad, Mega and Eclipse) and 99 Ra (for the MediaLight Pro). We stand behind each MediaLight with our 5 year limited warranty. 

We currently offer 5 versions for different use cases:

1) The MediaLight One single strip is best for TV's on a stand - up to 85”
2) The shorter, less expensive MediaLight Eclipse (also a single strip) is great for computer displays and iMacs. It's 24" across and also good for smaller TV's on a stand (up to 50"). 
3) The MediaLight Quad  is designed for wall-mounted TV's, where an even surround is desired -- it's ideal for TV’s up to 85".
4) The MediaLight Mega comprises 5 meter strips that can be connected in series, and is designed for monster TV’s and larger home theatre & professional installations. It's also the go-to choice for monster 100" TVs and projection screens.
5) The MediaLight Pro is based on 5630 SMD chips that utilise a novel violet photon engine that delivers an astounding CRI of 99 Ra and dead-on 6500K colour temperature, which is not available in any other bias light.  It is designed for situations where you demand a more balanced spectral power distribution, even when the difference is not visible to the human eye.  (This one is better-suited for professional use). 

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