Bias Lighting Brightness Reference Pattern

So, how bright should your bias lights be?

There is an answer. The perceived level bouncing off the wall behind the TV (taking into account how dark the wall is) should be  10% of the maximum brightness of your TV*

*In SDR mode -- the jury is still out on the best HDR levels, but since much of HDR is specular highlights, 10% is still a safe bet.

Play or cast this pattern on your TV.  Here is a direct link:

And because we can't think of anything drier than a reference pattern for maximum ambient light, we've spiced it up a bit with a MediaLight Theme Song.  Now you can set the proper bias lighting level (it works with low end bias lights too, not just the MediaLight), whilst enjoying a catchy tune.  Be sure to set your volume as LOUD as it can go. 

Thanks to The Very Nice Interesting Singer Man for creating the MediaLight Theme Song.  Read about him here.  :-) Sounds like a hit to us!