User-Submitted Photos

Thanks, Michael N, for this great shot of your system.

Also from Mike N., the contours of this LG OLED are practically begging for The MediaLight to be attached.  :)

Thanks, Casey Miller!

Thanks, Ian Anderson!

Ian Anderson, also created the photos in this unretouched side-by-side comparison (we have both photos) of the MediaLight compared to Antec's so-called 6500K light.  
"Here are some quick photos of both the Antec light and your light.  The acoustic panels obscure the light, but for a quick shot, it shows a lot and let me analyze things in PhotoShop.  I used the same exact settings – manual exposure and everything else including focus, 6500K white balance, and had it on a tripod.  Some interesting observations. Your light is exactly 1 stop brighter when at 100%, so it is literally twice as bright as the Antec."

Christian B. wanted to create a removable bracket that attached to the mounting holes on his TV.  It looks great!

And here it is in action!