Warranty Support

A product is only as good as its warranty.  We stand behind all of our products and if anything should go wrong, we'll make it right -- and very quickly. That's our promise to you.

Please use this form to contact us and explain the nature of the problem.  We will get back to you very quickly during business hours 9am-6pm M-F and within a few hours on weekends.  

If your unit is not working properly please check the following:

1) Please remove and reinsert the remote control battery. It may have shifted during shipment. 
2) Please try a different power source, such as a computer USB 3.0 port. (this allows us to rule out the AC adapter)
3) Please remove the dimmer module from the USB cable and try to use the unit without the module. (this helps to identify if the problem is caused by the dimmer)

Your findings from the above tests will enable us to hit the ground running from our first response.  

Most of all, relax! We will get you up and running. 

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