MediaLight Mega 12v (500 cm strip)


MediaLight Mega 12v (500 cm strip) - Bias Lighting
MediaLight Mega 12v (500 cm strip) - Bias Lighting MediaLight Mega 12v (500 cm strip) - Bias Lighting MediaLight Mega 12v (500 cm strip) - Bias Lighting


The MediaLight Mega 12v is our first 12v MediaLight, with male and female adapters for easy daisy chaining. Allowing you to connect up to 3 strips to each AC adapter. 

The MediaLight Mega was created in response to the many professional and home theatre customers who asked for a more powerful solution for larger installations involving longer strips. While we were at it, we boosted the CRI to 95 Ra. 

The MediaLight Mega 12v DOES NOT RUN ON USB POWER!

The MediaLight Mega 12v includes 5 meters (196 inches) of high-CRI 5730 SMD chips (this SMD chip is new to the MediaLight) chips on a copper PCB, backed with extra-strong 3M VHB adhesive. It also includes a CE approved 12v adapter and an Infrared remote control and dimmer module.  You will be able to teach your Harmony remote with the included IR remote. (But there is no easy code on the Harmony remote -- yet). 

The MediaLight Mega 12v includes:

  • 5 Meters of 95 Ra (high CRI) 5730 SMD Chips (LEDs)
  • 12v adapter
  • Infrared Dimmer (Harmony Compatible)
  • VHB backing throughout (very high bond adhesive, ideal for architectural installations)
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

Some technical notes about this beta version:

The MediaLight Mega 12v is our highest CRI MediaLight to date.  At 95 Ra real world/ 98 Fa factory CRI rating (real world measurements taken with a Photo Research PR-670 and Sekonic C-7000). 

Due to the higher CRI, partly achieved with the addition of more red phosphors to the SMD chips, some can discern a very slight difference if used in conjunction with our single or twin strips. (My best example is this: Think of what it's like when a single panel of a car body is repaired in an autobody shop. You might not notice it until it is pointed out, but once you see it, it can't be unseen).

The MediaLight Mega 12v sits slightly below 6500K and the twin and single strips sit slightly above 6500K.  The difference is +/-150k in either direction.